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Use Fapshi's payments infrastructure and APIs to accept payments, sell products, send invoices, collect contributions, transfer money, and manage your businesses online.

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What is Fapshi? A modern payments infrastructure

At its core, Fapshi is an application that helps businesses and individuals to sell, buy, make, and accept payments for their products and/or services; be it on their websites, web apps, mobile apps or directly on the Fapshi app. We provide vendors with a unique and easy-to-customize online store where they can sell their products and receive payments directly on our application. Our customers can make money transfers and create links that can be used to easily make payments for an invoice, a product, and all forms of contributions.

Fapshi's core features
Endless Capabilities

What you can do on Fapshi


Create Products and Sell

Upload products and receive payments or purchase products on Fapshi through Fapshi Pay or any other payment method in our suite.

Own an Online Store

Verify as a vendor and use your Fapshi store to showcase your products in one place; get paid directly on Fapshi.
Payment Link

Create Payment Links

Create payment links for donations, events, "njangi", contributions, etc; get paid using any option on our suite of payment methods.

Money Transfer

Send to and receive money from any Fapshi account or do cross-platform transfers accross Fapshi's supported operators.

Topup your Fapshi Account

Transfer money from an operator into your Fapshi account.

Withdraw Funds

Withdraw funds from your Fapshi account through an operator at any time.

Send Branded Invoices

Fapshi permits you to create and send invoices (with payment details) to your client(s) so you can be paid directly and with proof.

Accept Payments Online

Create a service and obtain API keys to integrate payments on your web or mobile app using our suite of common payment methods.

How to Pay on Fapshi

Browse through quick and easy steps showing how to pay for anything on Fapshi through your preferred payment method.
Built for you

Sell Products without owning an online shop

Create products and share their links with anyone to receive payment directly on Fapshi. A product could be anything you want to get paid for (books, electronics, fashion wears, accessories, event tickets, etc). You can also buy products on Fapshi using your Fapshi account or any of the operators in our suite of payment options.
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How to create a product

Let’s see how it works


Create an account for free

Create an account using your email and username. Activate the account using the code that is sent to your email.

Request to be a vendor

A vendor account permits you to own a store, create products and invoices. Access your dashboard and click the button. It'll prompt you to submit proof of identity.

Await Approval

Your account will be verified and an email will be sent to you stating whether or not your account has been approved.

Create a product

Upon approval, you can access the products tab on your dashboard to create products. Each product has a unique link which can be shared.
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Transfer money seamlessly across accounts


Cross-platfrom Payments

Fapshi provides the option to transfer money from any of our supported operators to another. You can also transfer money into (topup) your Fapshi account through either of these operators. The procedure is simple; check the documentation to know more.

Fapshi Transfers

Transfer money from your Fapshi account to other Fapshi accounts. Withdraw money from your Fapshi account using any operator in our suite. We charge very little for transfers made from one Fapshi account to another.
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A suite of readily available payment methods


Single Gateway, Multiple Payment Methods

We unified all that is needed to accept payments on websites and apps easily. Fapshi powers payments for online shops, businesses, ecommerce stores, marketplaces, and every other activity that involves online payments.

Common Payment Options

Integrate Fapshi on your online store or use-case; let your customers pay you through common payment methods.

Create Invoices

Fapshi permits vendors to create invoices (requests for payment) and share them with their clients. Vendors can optionally add items, their prices, and quantities to the invoice. Invoices serve as proofs of payment and Fapshi eases the process for you to collect these payments directly.
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Do you need a custom store?

Our team can help you setup your store on Fapshi, or build a custom store for you and integrate all our payment methods.

Quick Responses

Frequently Asked Questions

open iconWhat is Fapshi Pay?
Fapshi Pay is a payment method for Fapshi account owners. You can use your account balance to pay for stuff through your Fapshi account. If your balance is not enough, you can always topup. The Payments Section of the documentation shows the steps you would follow to pay through Fapshi.
close iconDo I need to pay to use Fapshi?
You do not need to pay to use Fapshi; all you need do is create an account (it's free). However, Fapshi offers some services which will deduct a minute percentage of your revenue when you use them.
close iconWhat is a vendor account and why do I need one?
A vendor account permits you to create invoices, own a store, and sell products on Fapshi. However, without a vendor account, you can do transfers (transfers, payouts, topups) or create payment links.
close iconWhy was I debited?
Fapshi processes payments for multiple merchants. When your debit alert reads Fapshi Inc, it simply means that the transaction was made to a business or vendor that uses Fapshi for collections.
close iconHow do I reset my pin?
Your pin is a code that you use for money transfers and payouts on Fapshi; when you create an account, you'd see the option to create this code. If for some reason you lose your code, you'd have to contact customer support for instructions to change it.
close iconDoes Fapshi keep my money?
Fapshi does not keep its users' money. All account balances, transfers, and topups are kept with our partner operators. They are the ones who have entities to keep, preserve, and secure your money.

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