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Our pricing rates are fair, cheap & transparent

Payment Links, Products, Invoices

We charge for successful transactions only; Fapshi prides in your success.


for all non-card transactions


for all credit card transactions
  • Customizable, easy-to-use payment links
  • Short, user-friendly store/product links
  • Withdraw your funds at anytime


Integrate a complete payments gateway with simple, transparent pricing.


for all non-card transactions


for all credit card transactions
  • Everything you need for payments
  • Create multiple services
  • SDKs to help you integrate quickly


  • Payouts available 24/7

  • Payouts (Money transfer/withdrawal from your Fapshi account)

  • Free
  • Fapshi Transfers

  • undefined%

    Do the Math

    See how much you get from product sales, invoice payments, or payment links. Select the appropriate menu item and enter an amount into the calculator.

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    • No hidden fees or charges
    • No startup or integration fees
    • Free payouts available 24/7

    Share a payment link

    Collect payments, sell event tickets, or collect funds for a contribution and more by sharing a link to a payment page.

    Quick Responses

    Frequently Asked Questions

    open iconWhat is Fapshi?
    Fapshi is an application that enables you to collect payments online. We have prebuilt SDKs to help you integrate our APIs on your websites, web apps, or mobile apps. Fapshi users can collect all forms of payment through easy-to-create, self-managed payment links. You can equally create links for an invoice or product, and own an easy-to-customize online store.
    close iconDo I need to pay to use Fapshi?
    You do not need to pay to use Fapshi; all you need do is create an account (it's free). However, Fapshi offers some services which will deduct a minute percentage of your revenue when you use them.
    close iconWhy must I verify my account?
    Verifying your account permits us to know who you are. With this, we can better serve you and give you personalized experiences on Fapshi.
    close iconWhy was I debited?
    Fapshi processes payments for multiple merchants. When your debit alert reads Fapshi Inc, it simply means that the transaction was made to a business or vendor that uses Fapshi for collections.
    close iconHow do I reset my pin?
    Your pin is a code that you use for payouts on Fapshi; when you create an account, you'd see the option to create this pin. If for some reason you lose your pin, you'd have to contact customer support for instructions to change it.
    close iconDoes Fapshi keep my money?
    Fapshi does not keep its users' money. All account balances are kept with our partner operators. They are the ones who have entities to keep, preserve, and secure your money.

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